Monday, May 26, 2014

Task Cards That Are Organized By Guided Reading Level - Guided Reading Made Easier!

Reading books are organized by guided reading level.  The problem is that it was impossible to find task cards that were organized in this way.  Having one set of lower reading level and one set of higher reading level task cards just did not meet the needs of all the students within my classroom. As a result, I began to make task cards that are organized by guided reading level.  

What makes these task cards unique? These task cards are organized by guided reading level and teach comprehension skills with words that focus on specific phonics sounds. As students progress to higher task card levels, they are introduced to new sounds and review previously introduced phonics sounds. All of this occurs as students practice specific comprehension skills.
These task cards have saved me so much time with lesson planning and have made guided reading instruction so much easier.

Inference Task Cards 

Main Idea Task Cards

Click Here for the Levels J to M Bundle
Click Here for the Levels N to P Bundle

More resources will be released soon.
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  1. Do you have the GR task cards all in a bundle? I am Reading Intervention and work with K-5. (GR levels AA-S) I am interested in them all... :) THANKS