Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Middle School Science Fiction Close Reading and Comprehension

I truly enjoy both reading and writing YA fiction.  It was my love for YA fiction that inspired me to write this short science fiction tale.  I really enjoy the look on the middle school students' faces that I work with when they really get into a story.  It is priceless to see a student really enjoy and understand what they read.  This story, Scars and Sorters, was set in a futuristic world because students really enjoy high-action plots.  It contains the same literary devices and themes of literature, but it is set in an utopian science fiction world to draw readers into the story.  It contains close reading writing, comprehension questions, and a character analysis graphic organizer.  This is great as Common Core Literature practice and as a resource to extend literature lessons.

Plot Synopsis
This story is set in a world where humans are no longer allowed to exist.  Learn with the main character what happens when someone breaks the rules of society.  Below is a story excerpt.Click Here To Access The Story

Saturday, July 19, 2014

150 Grade 4 Daily Common Core Reading Passages

--On sale for 50% off for 48 hours only--Purchase now to save big.  150 Grade 4 Daily Common Core Reading passages.  Yes, you just read this correctly! Complete this quick practice in just five minutes a day when students first enter the classroom as a bell ringer.  There is a DIFFERENT passage and Common Core questions for each day of the school week.  Informational text, realistic fiction, poetry, plays, historical fiction, and fantasy stories are all included. Every Common Core Literature and Informational Text Standard is included.  Many standards repeat across the weeks to provide steady Common Core Review.Click Here

Friday, July 18, 2014

Westward and the Pioneers Interactive Notebook

This interactive social studies journal integrates reading, social studies, writing, and speaking in a very fun way.  3D journal inserts and pieces that slide and/or lift make learning about Westward Expansion and the pioneers so much fun. Click Here To Access It
Use this as an interactive journal or as a fun lapbook.
Students engage in hands-on experiences to learn about the pioneers.  In this activity, students decide which items to take and which ones to leave along the pioneer trail.

Slide the covered wagon across the prairie to "experience" what it was like to travel west.

Many more fun hands-on, reading, and writing activities are included too.
Click Here To Access It

interactive reading journal

Friday, July 11, 2014

Earth Science Interactive Notebook

I absolutely love interactive journals and have been using them with students for six years. This Earth Science interactive journal is unique because there is a short, informational passage for each topic.  It can be pasted directly into a student's journal along with the interactive notebook inserts.  Useful vocabulary words are also included.  This journal covers the water cycle, the rock cycle, earthquakes, soil layers, water on Earth, and erosion & weathering.Click Here To Access It.

Free and helpful back to school ideas and giveaways will be posted soon!  This is great as a lapbook or interactive notebook.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Grade 3 Common Core Interactive Reading Notebooks

If you have ever used interactive journals, you know how much fun they can be.  This Grade 3 Common Core Literature Notebook thoroughly covers all nine standards in the literature portion of Common Core.  It is such a fun way to review that students won't realize that they are learning.Click Here

This journal is unique because it includes a reading passage for EVERY literature standard, PLUS it includes reusable templates too.  There is no need to hunt for passages to match each standard.  A short passage that can fit right inside of a notebook has been included to make the transition to Common Core even easier.Click Here To Access It.

This is great for use as a lapbook too!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Grade 3 Interactive Math Notebook Number and Operations in Base Ten

Interactive notebooks are a fun way to help students learn concepts.  I have been using them for about five years across the subjects. Students learn concepts in a hands-on way. This Number and Operations in Base Ten notebook  covers all of the Number and Operations standards for third grade. Key vocabulary words, practice problems, important ideas, and examples are presented for each of these standards. Click Here

What makes this product unique?
The Practice and Learn portion of each standard provides practice activities to help students demonstrate knowledge about each standard.  So, students get interactive visual diagrams and practice activities to reinforce each Common Core Math standard.

It is designed to make the transition to Common Core easier and fun for students.Click Here

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Grade 4 Common Core Math Interactive Notebook Operations and Algebraic Thinking

This document is sure to make Common Core math easier as well as fun.  This interactive journal includes all of the Grade 4 Operations and Algebraic Thinking Standards.  This document is unique because it includes math practice problems so that students can demonstrate their understanding. It also contains interactive notebook inserts and vocabulary words to make Common Core easier for students to understand.

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