Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Leveled Reading Passages

Bundles of single level passages are now here.  Yippee!!!  Each bundle contains 10 nonfiction passages, questions, and an answer key.  This is great for differentiating instruction, guided reading, Daily 5, and intervention.  A variety of social studies and science topics are covered.  Click on an a link to access these resources.

Click Here For Level A
Click Here For Level B
Click Here For Level C


Monday, July 10, 2017

Inference Question of the Day

If you have students that need help with inferences, then you will find this resource very useful.  The Inference Question of the Day contains a month (20) quick, daily inference passages for quick review. Nonfiction and fiction passages are both included.  Each original passage has a daily question included to review inferences.  

Use this to:
  • Build inference skills
  • Use as an RTI intervention
  • Review as a test prep resource
  • Keep inferring skills sharp
  • Review reading as a morning bell ringer
Click the link to follow my store.  More grade levels and topics will be released soon.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Colorful Vowel Sounds - UPDATED!!

Okay teachers, I think I'm on to something. I just updated another one of my favorite documents and I know your young kindergarten, 1st grade as well as 2nd grade students are going to love, love, love! 

Let me explain a little of what you will see in this update. The original document I created back in 2011 only had a total of 10 wallcharts... that's it!  Well this is 2017 and the year is almost gone, can you believe it?!? But I digress... 

I have quintupled the amount of wallcharts in this resouce! (Quintuple - that's 5X the number of wallcharts).  

5 Short A wallcharts 5 Long A wallcharts
5 Short E wallcharts 5 Long E wallcharts
5 Short I wallcharts 5 Long I wallcharts
5 Short O wallcharts 5 Long O wallcharts
5 Short U wallcharts 5 Long U wallcharts

Now those of you that have already purchased this product over the years will get the updated document at no additional cost! For this very reason, I want those who have NOT purchased this document to purchase a copy as soon as possible.

Getting your copy NOW ensures you lock in the current savings and discounts. Plus you get all future updates to this resource at no additional cost!

So as I was saying... what you will get is a total of,

- FIFTY (50) colorful wallcharts. 
- A colorful picture on each wallchart.
- A word using the vowel.
- A sentence using the word for the vowel.

But wait there's more.... 💖

**BONUS** Flashcard for each wallchart is also included!

This resource can be used in a variety of ways. For example, each sheet can be used to make a colorful vowel book, individual student books or interactive journals, classroom wallcharts, alphabet posters, flashcards, games and so much more!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Colorful Alphabet Chart - UPDATED!!

Oh me oh my!! I know my kindergarten and 1st grade teachers are going to love this one! But more importantly, I know your young and bright students are going to love it even more!! 

I've updated one of my favorite resources and I think you really ought to grab a copy now to ensure you have one ready to start the next school year running strong!! :) Getting your copy NOW also ensures you lock in any savings and discounts. Plus you get all future updates to this resource at no additional cost to you!

The "Colorful Alphabet Charts" was originally created a while back. But earlier this week I sitting here thinking... "This product deserves a face lift". So I refreshed everything... colors, pictures, and more. 

Each letter of the alphabet is captured on a single colorful page consisting of:
1. An uppercase letter.
2. A lowercase letter.
3. A vocabulary building word beginning with the alphabet letter on the page.
4. A colorful picture corresponding of the word. 
5. ** IMPORTANT** A simple sentence utilizing the word. Introduce and teach kids how to use these words in simple sentences.
6. **BONUS** Flashcards for each letter of the alphabet is also included!

Trust me... this rich alphabet poster / wallchart set is sure to capture your young student's attention, your student's curiosity and your student's mind. So as you can see, this resource has been greatly and richly expanded!!

This resource can be used in a variety of ways. For example, each sheet can be used to make a colorful alphabet book, individual student books or interactive journals, classroom wallcharts, alphabet posters, flashcards, games and much more!

Check out for yourself the samples I have posted right here!!

Monday, May 22, 2017


The school year is coming to an end. And for some of you, it already has!! Now is an excellent time to start thinking about some of the resources you'll need for next year. Literacy and Math Ideas has PLENTY of year-end products and resources ready for immediate download!! In particular, we would like to remind you all about one of our best-selling resources. Literacy and Math Ideas has a FULL YEAR of reading passages specifically targeted for the 3rd grade!! Think about that for a second... That's 40 full weeks… 200 passages in all!!
These passages can be used as morning bell ringers, in class assignments or homework! The passages are also aligned to Common Core. Additionally, each passage has 2 comprehension related questions, a weekly checklist, and a different passage for each day of the week.
This resource is a BIG BENEFIT anyway you look at it! We have lowered the price for a limited time to allow all of you to LOCK IN EXTRA SAVINGS beyond the already incredible low price! You can lock in your savings NOW by getting this product as an instant download!
What topics do these passages cover?
With this product, your students will be exposed to a variety of topics including historical fiction, folktales, poetry, informational text, literature and more! This resource is sure to facilitate the critical reading foundation needed in the 3rd grade and beyond!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Download for your TpT Store Page Leaderboard - 720 × 90

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Literacy and Math Ideas is having a sale to say thank you.  As we celebrate teacher appreciation week, we want to reflect on how teachers shape lives each day.

Use the code THANKYOU17 to get up to 28% off of everything in the store.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Free Daily Social Studies Practice

Access a free week of Daily Social Studies Practice.  Use this in just five minutes a day as a bell ringer activity or as a quick review before social studies instruction.  Students can build nonfiction knowledge as they review a variety of social studies topics. Comprehension skills such as inferences, cause and effect, vocabulary, and more are reviewed with the daily practice.


Access additional weeks below.