Monday, February 20, 2017

Benefits of Leveled Task Cards for Guided Reading

Meet the needs of students at different reading levels, monitor student progress, and cover Daily 5 tasks for guided reading.  Best of all, do all of this with no stress!

Try these leveled task cards for free.  They are the first task cards to be organized by guided reading levels.  Why is this important? This is a great way to match readers to resources that they need for extended practice.

Even more, the free task cards come with a printable box for storage.  This makes it so much easier to store task cards.  Place a printable box in a literacy center station. Send home a box with a student that needs extra practice.

(Inferences, Retell, Main Idea, Cause & Effect and More Skills Are Available Across the Levels)

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Free Leveled Task Cards

Have you ever wished there were task cards that were leveled?  Having task cards that are aligned to guided reading levels, Lexiles, and the Flesch-Kincaid grade levels makes it so much easier to meet the needs of students, monitor progress, and teach Daily 5 literacy activities.Click Here To Access A Free Sample Set of Cards

  • Save Hours of Planning Time
  • Monitor Progress
  • Review Relevant Reading, Science, and Social Studies Topics
  • Easily Store Your Teaching Materials
There are 10 task cards per guided reading/Lexile level.  Many of the levels come with printable boxes.  (Even more boxes will be added for free).  Many reading skills and levels are covered.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Leveled Task Cards Bundle (Guided Reading Levels A to I)

 270 Task Cards!!!

These are the first ever task cards that are organized by guided reading/Lexile levels.  

  • Save hours of planning time.
  • Keep track of student progress.
  • Cover the same skills at different levels.
  • Provide task cards that cover a variety of nonfiction and fiction topics.

Included In Each Bundle:
  • Leveled Inference task cards
  • Leveled Main Idea Task Cards
  • Leveled Cause and Effect Task Cards
  • Printable Boxes For Storage
  • Student Recording Forms
  • Progress Charts
  • Answer Keys
  • Over 100 Task Cards Per Bundle
Relevant topics are included such as map skills, landforms, plants, animals, pushes and pulls, short stories and more!

Aligned to the Guided Reading, Lexile, and Flesch-Kincaid Leveling Systems for Easy Implementation, Convenient Differentiation and Easy Progress Monitoring

Guided reading level a, guided reading level b, guided reading level c, guided reading level d, guided reading level e, guided reading level f, guided reading level g, guided reading level h, guided reading level i task cards.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Decimal Task Cards Bundle

Have you ever wished there were task cards that taught and reviewed math topics.  I created these task cards to make it much easier for students to work independently.  It is like having an personal math tutor for each student.  The task cards use diagrams, step-by-step directions, illustrations, and examples to help students understand decimal concepts and build mathematical reasoning skills.

Printable boxes, student recording forms, and answer keys are also included.  Questions are posed at different complexity levels.  This makes it perfect for state assessments .  Place a box of task cards in a math center station.  Give a box to a group of students for small group review.  Send home a box with a student that needs extra practice.  The task cards make it so much easier to differentiate instruction and provide personalized math review.  The click to access the task cards.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Dolch Word Task Cards

These dolch sight word task cards are a great way to meet the needs of students and differentiate instruction. Even better, each set of task cards comes with a printable, easy-fold box for convenient storage.

Pictures make it easy for nonreaders and beginning readers
to practice their sight words.

Different levels are available to assist with differentiating instruction.

The visual pictures on the task cards are great for autistic students and developing readings.

Use the Task Cards For:
  • Daily 5 Instruction
  • Response to Intervention Support
  • Literacy Center Review
  • At Home Practice (Send home a printable box with a student that needs extra practice.)
Follow the link to access comprehension task cards that are organized by guided reading levels too!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Middle School Daily Common Core Reading Passages

Review the Common Core Standards and literature skills in just a few minutes each day. Original passages and questions are included.  Each week includes a checklist of the reading skills that were covered in the week.

This series is available across most grade levels.  Access a middle school grade level.

Grade 6 Daily Common Core, Grade 7 Daily Common Core, Grade 8 Daily Common Core,

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Simple Interest... Compound Interest


Happy New Year folks!! I hope all of you all had a wonderful holiday season with family and friends. Week #5 of the daily SAT Math Practicehas finally been released! This week's problems feature Simple Interest and Compound Interest. These concepts are covered on the SAT exam and your students are expected to know when and how to apply the appropriate formula to arrive at the correct answer choice. Keep in mind that the SAT will have other answer choices that closely resemble the correct answer. Therefore, “knowing your stuff” is even more essential. That’s why this new product not only offers 5 problems, but each problem also has answer choices to make your students really think about that they are doing. And to take it a step further, an answer key has been included. To take it another step further each solution has detailed commentary explaining the answer choice.
This product is sure to enhance your teaching regimen. Invest in your students’ success and download your copy today!

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