Sunday, August 13, 2017

Oh No! This Book Is Way Too Advanced

When it comes to selecting higher reading level books for classroom libraries, many teachers have a problem.

How do you find a high-interest book that is above fourth or fifth grade reading level that is still appropriate for advanced elementary school students?  Many parents and teachers have expressed concern about the mature content of some YA fiction and are unsure what their younger, more advanced readers should read.

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Middle School High-Interest Short Fiction:  The TrapHigh-Interest Nonfiction Passages (Middle School)

Helpful Tips
1.  Read each book before it is added to your classroom library.  This does take some time, but this is the only way to ensure that a book is appropriate for each student.  Guided reading books that are used with students to teach lessons are read before reading lessons.  This is not often the case with books that are added to classroom libraries.

2.  Stick with a few trusted authors.  Authors often follow a particular style and often keep the same characters.  Although it is not always guaranteed, this is a way to increase the chance that a book with be a good fit for your class.

3.  Read reviews.  It is now so much easier to find out what other readers think about a book.  If a book is too socially mature for a student, you will increase your chances of finding out.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Daily Common Core Reading Practice

Review nonfiction, historical fiction, folktales, plays, realistic fiction, poetry, and more in just a few minutes a day.  Quick, daily passages, questions, and answer keys are included.

Possible Uses:
  • Use this as a warm-up at the beginning of class.
  • Keep track of skills that students have mastered.  Weekly progress charts are included.
  • Build reading concepts.  Each week is thematic.  Historical topics, stories, and more are included.
The passages utilize the same writing techniques as award winning writers to provide authentic practice.

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Daily Common Core Reading Practice

Daily Social Studies Practice

Daily Science Practice

Free High-Interest Science and Social Studies Videos

Many of you have commented about how your students really enjoy the reading passages that are in Literacy and Math Ideas' products.  Now, we have free videos too!

The free videos are three to five minutes long and feature unusual and very interesting facts about animals, plants, and also history.  They are a great way to build interest in nonfiction. You will also find links to resources that can be used along with classroom lessons. Follow us to get updates about new resources and freebies.  

The Unusual History of Corn

Do you know where your food comes from? You just might be surprised. Click the link below to view our latest video, 'The Unusual History of Corn'.

70 Nonfiction Leveled Passages (Plants) Guided Reading Levels A to N

Research-Based Resources

Is your resource research-based?  This is a question that I enjoy answering.  

The answer is yes!  Literacy and Math Ideas' resources are developed using research about how students learn, retain information, and build vocabulary knowledge.

Plus...Literacy and Math Ideas goes into the wild (literally) to bring you authentic and high-interest reading passages.  With my camera and sketchbook in hand, I travel to the desert, forest, rain forest, ocean, and more to bring original reading passages.

Many of our passages cover specific themes or topics to help students gain deep knowledge and develop a wide vocabulary.
Daily Science Practice (Grade 5:  September Full Month) Daily Science Practice (Grade 4:  September Full Month)

High-Interest Nonfiction Passages (Middle School) 70 Nonfiction Leveled Passages (Plants) Guided Reading Levels A to N

Many of the passages contain interesting and unusual facts to build student interest in reading nonfiction.  This supports the research of Robert Marzano that encourages activities that build both background and vocabulary knowledge.  

Thursday, August 3, 2017

70 Animals Passages Organized By Guided Reading Levels

Save hours of planning time. This resource contains 70 reading passages that are organized by guided reading levels.  The passages also align to the guided reading, Lexile, and Flesch Kincaid leveling systems.

My top selling leveled passages have now been put into one large mega bundle. This document makes guided reading instruction so much easier.  For more information, Click Here

70 Plants Passages Organized By Guided Reading Levels

Differentiation is now easier.  This bundle contains 70 Leveled Passages about animals. Each passage is aligned to the Flesch Kincaid, Lexile, and Guided Reading leveling systems. My top selling leveled passages have now been put into one large mega bundle. This document makes guided reading instruction so much easier.

Daily Social Studies Practice

Just a few minutes of extra review can make a difference.  Access Daily Social Studies Practice at your grade level.  There is a unique passage for each school day. Comprehension questions and weekly progress charts are included.  Main idea, compare and contrast, cause and effect, details, and drawing conclusions are just a few of the comprehension types included.

  • Landforms
  • History
  • Communities
  • Regions
  • & More Topics