Sunday, April 27, 2014

Inference Learning Center Games and Task Cards

Do you have students that read at different ability levels in your classroom but still need to teach inference skills?  This document contains inference task cards at TWO LEVELS.  Level A is for students reading at the 1st-2nd grade reading range.  Level B is for students reading at the 3rd-5th grade reading range.  Everything is aligned to ELA Common Core Standards RL.1 and RI.2.  Common Core resources for different ability levels all in one document!

The task cards are so thorough that they review the different types of inferences a student would make while reading.  This entire document is aligned to Common Core Standards RL.1 and RI.1.

The complete bundle includes 40 inference task cards at two levels, 2 inference learning centers, an inference chart, 3 inference worksheets, and answer keys!  Click on the link for more information.   Click Here


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  2. Inferences can be so difficult! Thank you for sharing. I am a new follower!
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