Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Common Core Reading Interactive Art Journals

For the past two years, I have been using interactive art journals with students and they absolutely love them!  I really love them too. I call them interactive art journals because they integrate reading and art into instruction.  This technique is great for different student learning styles.

My middle school students are about to begin a new unit on character analysis and plot RL.6.3., RL.7.3, and RL.8.3.  This is a sneak peak of what we are doing this week.


We are learning the difference between static and dynamic characters first.  
Students will be handed short excerpts of passages.  They will be asked to identify specific details that assist them in determining a character's dominant character trait.  As we continue to read more novels and short stories, excerpts will be added to the same card when we find characters from other stories that have the same traits.  This will assist them in making generalizations about specific details to key in on when determining what a character is like.

This pocket will contain graphic organizers that cover the same standard.  As students read different stories, their notes will be handy for making generalizations across texts and themes.

Before the school year began, I developed Common Core graphic organizers for each grade level.  These will also be attached to their journals.  The wording for each Common Core Standard is different for each middle school grade level. To make sure that they are covering the complete standard at their grade level, a graphic organizer was designed for each grade as well as a question answering frame.  For students that do not know how to answer a Common Core aligned question, the question answering frame is a huge help!  It contains many of the key words from each standard and helps the students know how to respond to each one too.  I will share more Common Core interactive journal pics soon.


  1. Help! Where can I find more details about making or buying interactive art journals? I feel like I'm missing something. Thanks for all your help!


  2. Hi,thanks for asking. I will be uploading more posts and information soon.

  3. I am also very interested in your journals. Any information you can post will be greatly appreciated.

  4. Thank you! We have actually been doing quite a bit of journaling ,and I have been waiting until the end of the unit we are doing to post the pics. It has been sooooo helpful with my students and is a great way to integrate Common Core reading and writing.

    More information and pictures will be shared soon.