Saturday, August 18, 2012

Freebie! Hog Dog With Everything On It: A Fun Way to Get Students To Elaborate About Their Thinking

Free Common Core Resource!  We have all had this problem-the infamous one word answer.  Doesn't it make you just cringe?  After all of those lessons that you have taught, there is at least one student that will give a one word response.

This Common Core lesson idea aligns to Common Core Standards RL.1, RI.1 which involves details, inferring, and defending ideas.  It also aligns to Common Core Standards RI.2 and RL.2 which involves main idea.  Each of these standards require students to defend and elaborate about their thinking using evidence from the text.

How about using hot dogs to get that student to elaborate!  It is so wacky that it actually works!  What kid does not like hot dogs?  (Don't really answer that question because we all know one)  

Explain that hot dogs with "everything on it" taste fantastic.  Students write the answer to the question on the top bun.  Give a reason on the actual hot dog.  Last, they fully elaborate about their reason on each condiment for the hot dog.  The more toppings, the more elaboration.  Click the link below to download this freebie.  

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This extension menu provides a list of activities students can choose from for each standard

More Grade Levels!  As I get closer to the beginning of the school year, I am getting even more excited.  I have been planning so many exciting activities and have been getting my things organized for the Common Core Standards.

The document contains progress forms that list each Literature and Informational Text Standard.  This is a great tool for tracking student performance.

The graphic organizers are aligned to each standard.  They assist students in responding to each part of the Common Core Standard.

For every ELA Literature and Informational Text Standard, there is a graphic organizer that is aligned to each specific standard. This will make teaching so much easier.

There are also question answering frames. They help students remember all the parts of each standard.  This can assist students by providing them with ideas about how they could answer a question based from each Common Core standard.  Question answering frames are great for differentiating and scaffolding instruction.

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  1. ooO I love the idea behind your hotdog thinking! This is very Aussie so I cannot wait to use this at the end of a Math unit with my year 8 and 9s. :)
    Downloaded off TPT & left feedback!
    Thank you!
    LIz - BaysideTeacher

  2. Yes, but I am totally backlogged. I work with kindergarten students too and have really cute ideas to share soon.