Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Full School Year of Daily Common Core Reading Practice Grade 5

(If you are looking for a different grade level, Click Here.  If you have been looking for Common Core reading resources, this collection of daily comprehension practice will be helpful.  Not only does this document contain 180 different quick, daily reading passages to provide convenient morning practice as students first enter the classroom, it covers all of the Literature and Informational Text standards.  The questions are text dependent and include multiple choice, short response and close reading style questions.  Click Here To Access It

All informational text passages are not made the same. This document contains relevant informational text topics that are commonly taught in fifth grade to make social studies and science that much easier to integrate with reading.  The passages each week are thematic to help students learn about one topic before moving on to a new topic.

Most important, the questions focus on the fifth grade level Common Core Standards. This is extremely important because Common Core wants students to do completely different things at each grade level to demonstrate comprehension.  For example, RL.6 at fifth grade level is very different from RL.6 at fourth grade level.  The questions in this document address the fifth grade standards to provide relevant and targeted review.  The standard is even written above each question to make progress monitoring even easier.

Topics and areas covered in the passages include:
  • The Pony Express
  • Light and Energy
  • Moon Phases
  • Historical Fiction 
  • Realistic Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Plays
  • The Inca Civilization
  • Plants
  • Tide Pools
  • Animal Features and Adaptations
  • And More!

Many of the standards repeat across the weeks to provide steady Common Core review. Quick informational text, realistic fiction, historical fiction, poetry, and plays are included to provide Common Core practice across multiple genres.Click Here

Some of the Common Core Standards that are covered include:

Week 21:  Informational Text (Giant Sequoias)
Standards Covered Include:
· RI.1 Inference                                      
· RI.3 Relationship Between Ideas
· RI.5 Text Organization
· RI.7 Visual Elements
· RI.9 Integrate Information
(Drama and Literature Standards):
· RL.1 Inference
· RL.5 Text Organization                                      

Week 22:  Literature (Historical Fiction &
Realistic Fiction)
Standards Covered Include:
· RL.1 Quote Accurately from the Text
· RL.3 Character Motive
· RL.3 Character Analysis (Compare and Contrast)
· RL.4 Vocabulary
· RL.6 Point of View

Week 23:  Informational Text (Koalas)
Standards Covered Include:
· RI.1 Inference         
· RI.2 Summarize
· RI.2 Main Idea (Part of the Standard)
· RI.3 Cause and Effect
· RI.4 Vocabulary
· RI.6 Author’s Purpose
· RI.9 Integrate Texts

Week 24:  Literature (Historical Fiction & Fantasy)
Standards Covered Include:
· RL.1 Details
· RL.1 Inferences (Part 2 of Standard)
· RL.6 Author’s Purpose
· RL.6 Point of View (Part 2 of the Standard)
· RL.10 Text Complexity

Week 25  Literature (Realistic Fiction & Fantasy)
Standards Covered Include:
· RL.3 Character Analysis
· RL.4 Literary Devices (Part of this Standard)
· RL.5 Text Organization
· RL.10 Text Complexity

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