Thursday, February 28, 2013

Reading Test Prep: Use Student Misconceptions to Improve Student Performance

My students have been completing Daily Common Core ELA practice.  It is like a DOL and other types of morning practice.  The biggest difference is it contains really short Common Core aligned passages and questions for quick daily review.  No matter what resource you use, discussing the correct answers and the errors that students make can be so valuable.  It can really boost student understanding of concepts.  

This was one question that a few of my students got incorrect and is a common type of error students in general make.  I call it a dense text question.  This one paragraph has many details and information packed into it (on purpose).  Students that read carefully and went back to the text to locate their answer did well.  Even students that did not do this at first,  began to improve later when this type of error was brought to their attention.

Sometimes students only have partial knowledge of a concept.  Analyzing reading comprehension errors can really help distinguish students that fully understand a concept from those that don't. Having students think about their thinking and how they determine their answers can really improve comprehension.

For more information about quick, Daily Common Core ELA Practice access your grade level below.

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  1. We use very similar strategies in Room 202. It's so frustrating to see the kids experience success with the strategies during guided practice only to see them revert to their "lazy" ways once I release responsibility for independent practice. This is slightly off topic but I just posted some fun test taking motivational ideas on my blog tonight. You can check them out at ~Stacy

  2. Thanks so much for asking! I have actually been working on kindergarten too. My goal is to have them both released within the next seven days.

  3. I just stumbled upon this blog...anxiously awaiting 1st grade passages too :)

  4. This is totally out of left field, but what font did you use?

  5. Will you be making more than just the first ten weeks worth of activities? I think these are great and I can't wait to start using them this year (I have sixth graders).