Sunday, April 20, 2014

Critical Thinking

Our world is changing fast.  Breakthroughs in medicine, marvels in engineering, and new solutions for old problems are hints about the world to come.  More than ever, the next generation of student leaders needs to be able to problem solve.  This requires critical thinking skills.

The goal of many critical thinking assessments such as the COGAT, Naglieri, and others is to determine how quickly students can identify patterns.  Number patterns, shape patterns, word analogies, and sequences are typically assessed in critical thinking assessments.

These skills should be applied in math and reading.  Students should look for patterns across history, identify patterns in mathematics, and look for similar literary techniques that different authors use to convey their ideas.

I recently developed critical thinking task cards that help students build critical thinking skills. These cover many of the topics that are found in critical thinking assessments. The task cards come with a printable box. They cover word analogies, number sequences, shape analogies, and figure patterns to review a broad range of critical thinking skills.Click Here to Access Critical Thinking Task Cards

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