Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Short Response Answers~Balance Summary and Analysis

Many students struggle with striking a balance between including text details and details that explain their central idea(thesis). Common Core will measure reading comprehension by evaluating what students write in their written responses.  Understanding how to answer multiple-choice questions and written response questions will be important for success.  Beyond the Common Core assessments, this skill is necessary for success across the grade levels.

How to Get a Higher Grade/Score on Short Response Writing
1.  Be specific. Students should not be general.  Cite specific names, places, character traits, etc. within the details.
2.  Connect ideas.  Each detail should be linked to an explanation that tells how the detail supports the central idea (thesis) of the short response.  Example of an explanation:

Friends that are loyal will stay by your side. Kristin showed that she is a loyal person by not leaving with the rest of the team.  She instead stayed back at the school with Amber.

3.  Students should strike a balance between including details that support their central idea details that explain.  When students use highlighters, they became more aware of whether or not they are balancing their details.

For More Information about Activity Cards that Teach Students How to Analyze Characters Click a Link Below

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