Monday, November 28, 2011

Use Experience Boxes To Build Background Knowledge

Experience Boxes
Experience boxes are hands-on learning centers that students can explore to build background knowledge about specific topics they are learning about.

These are snapshots of experience boxes from my office/classroom.
Each box contains items that go with a particular topic or theme.   The kids enjoy these boxes because it really hands-on.
This box has artifacts that relate to the 1800s. Students complete activity task cards and look at the items inside of the box.

This box is about rocks and minerals.  Students examine rocks and minerals as well as complete task card activities relating to the items in the box.


  1. What types of items do you put inside? What type of questions do you put on the task cards for them to answer? Do you have them all working on the same box? This is such a cool idea, I would love to learn more about how you do this in the classroom.

  2. I put items in the boxes based on topics. For example, if we are learning about colonial times, books, replicas of toys, and even cards are placed in the box. I have used them for reading, social studies, and science topics. Kids really love them.