Monday, November 28, 2011

Teaching Critical Thinking

Hello Everyone,
One of the greatest challenges of any educator is teaching students how to think critically.  This blog is part one of two parts on this topic. 

Critical Thinking Game Chart

I label each critical thinking game based on the type of thinking skill it covers.  I usually provide a few minutes each week for students to play the games.  If they are focusing in on games that teach deductive reasoning, I connect deductive reasoning into the guided reading or shared reading lesson by asking students to apply deductive reasoning to determine the setting, possible answers, or for ruling out answers during test prep.

These are some of my favorite games. 

Excellent Deductive Reasoning Games
Guess Who
Chocolate Fix

Excellent Strategic Thinking Games
Rush Hour

Excellent Inductive Reasoning Game
Mastermind (It requires inductive and deductive reasoning)

Upcoming topics in the next week include:  teaching creative and critical thinking, integrating art with reading, literacy center ideas, and organization strategies.

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