Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hands-On Main Idea

For whatever reason in LIFE, main idea is one of the most challenging comprehension skills for students to grasp.  This activity can be completed during a guided reading session with a small group.  It can also be placed into a learning center for review.

I begin my lesson with a group of blocks using only two colors.  I ask students to tell what color are most of the blocks.  Next, I connect this to main idea and tell the students that the main idea is what most of the sentences are about.

We analyze each sentence one at a time to determine what the sentence is about and place a block next to it.  If the following sentence tells about the same thing, I place a block of the same color next to it.

This process is continued for every sentence.  When a sentence is about something different, a different color block is used.

The students are then able to visualize what main idea means  Then, we discuss how to create a sentence that explains what most of the sentences are about.  99.9% of all students I have worked with really understand main idea after using this method.

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  1. Love it! This is creative. I teach K, but have some high kinders that are trying to grasp Main Ideas. Thank you.

    Where do you get the sentences from that you print out? Do you create them, or are they from a GR book?