Sunday, October 14, 2018

Self-Checking and Leveled Addition and Subtraction Word Problems-Digital
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I was VERY excited to create this resource.  What makes this resource unique?

Three are three levels of word problems in one bundle.

How Does This Benefit Students?
When it comes to word problems, students typically fit into one of three categories:

  • The student does not know what the word problem is asking them to do and does not know which operation(s) to perform to get the answer
  • The student knows how to solve some word problems but just needs extra practice
  • The student can solve word problems and just needs extra challenge

There are three levels of digital task cards to assist students at each of these levels.

Set One:
Helps students comprehend what the word problem is asking them to do.  Immediate feedback and full explanations are provided after each question.  The digital task cards check the answer so a student can gain understanding before they move on to the next word problem.

Set Two:
Reviews even more types of one and two-step problems.  Did you know that addition and subtraction word problems can be posed more than FIVE ways?  Getting exposure to a variety of real world problems that are posed many ways helps students build understanding.

Set Three:
Reviews word problems.  Average and more advanced problems are included to help students build mastery.  This helps students fine tune their skills.

The task cards are digital.  Yay!  Each level is self-checking.  Students can do each level over and over to build understanding.

The digital task cards are in the form of interactive PDF documents. Download them like any other pdf.  These smart task cards are special because they keep score!

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