Friday, October 12, 2018

Free Leveled Digital Task Cards Retell (Guided Reading Level E)

~Free digital task cards~

Books are organized by guided reading/lexile levels, literacy centers should be too! Try these digital leveled task cards out for free.
Task cards in my store are organized by guided reading/lexile levels so that students can review main idea, retell, inferences, cause and effect, details, compare and contrast plus more skills at their own reading levels. Benefits:
  • Each student can review the SAME skill at his or her own level
  • Teachers and students can easily monitor progress
  • Teachers save time as they plan lessons
  • Students can work on the same reading topics as their classmates
  • The task cards review topics that are taught in reading, science, and social studies

Now, task cards are available in digital form! No fussy apps are needed. Access this interactive pdf as you would any other pdf. As students answer questions, the pdf takes score! Access bundles of digital task cards at multiple guided reading levels.

Access digital task cards at four levels of instruction here

retell literacy centers

These brand new FOUR digital task card sets include guided reading levels A, B, C, and D. These interactive PDFs allow students to practice comprehension at their own guided reading levels. No hassle with resources you cannot trust through apps. Each level contains 10 task cards and can be used over and over again to build reading fluency and comprehension practice. The score is provided at the end to make progress monitoring even easier. Each set aligns with the guided reading, Flesch Kincaid, and Lexile leveling systems. There are 40 self-scoring task cards. Printable answer keys and a student recording form have also been included too. Fiction and nonfiction passages are included.
Guided Reading Level A: Short Vowel Lexiles 0-49 Readability K.1-K.3
Guided Reading Level B: Short Vowels & Blends Lexiles 0-49 Readability K.4-K.6
Guided Reading Level C: Long Vowels Lexiles 0-49 Readability K.7-K.9
Guided Reading Level D: Early First Grade Lexiles 50-149 Readability 1.0-1.2
How to Use:
1. Save each PDF to your computer as you would any other PDF.
2. Assign a level and computer to each student to provide individualized review.
3. Students read each passage and answer each retell question.
4. Access the score that appears at the end.
Characteristics of Each Level:
Guided Reading Level A contains repeated sight words, short vowel sounds, and picture cues for the answer choices. This is designed to help beginning readers build confidence as they learn to read.
Guided Reading Level B contains short vowel sounds and long vowel sounds. Students strengthen their knowledge of sight words as they build phonics skills.
Guided Reading Level C contains short vowel sounds, long vowel sounds, and consonant blends. Sentences are slightly longer as students strengthen their reading skills.
Guided Reading Level D contains words that have phonics patterns that are commonly introduced at the first grade level. Since each level is aligned to the guided reading, Flesch-Kincaid, and Lexile leveling systems, an educator can match passages with confidence and use data from these digital task cards for progress monitoring.

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