Monday, June 19, 2017

Colorful Vowel Sounds - UPDATED!!

Okay teachers, I think I'm on to something. I just updated another one of my favorite documents and I know your young kindergarten, 1st grade as well as 2nd grade students are going to love, love, love! 

Let me explain a little of what you will see in this update. The original document I created back in 2011 only had a total of 10 wallcharts... that's it!  Well this is 2017 and the year is almost gone, can you believe it?!? But I digress... 

I have quintupled the amount of wallcharts in this resouce! (Quintuple - that's 5X the number of wallcharts).  

5 Short A wallcharts 5 Long A wallcharts
5 Short E wallcharts 5 Long E wallcharts
5 Short I wallcharts 5 Long I wallcharts
5 Short O wallcharts 5 Long O wallcharts
5 Short U wallcharts 5 Long U wallcharts

Now those of you that have already purchased this product over the years will get the updated document at no additional cost! For this very reason, I want those who have NOT purchased this document to purchase a copy as soon as possible.

Getting your copy NOW ensures you lock in the current savings and discounts. Plus you get all future updates to this resource at no additional cost!

So as I was saying... what you will get is a total of,

- FIFTY (50) colorful wallcharts. 
- A colorful picture on each wallchart.
- A word using the vowel.
- A sentence using the word for the vowel.

But wait there's more.... 💖

**BONUS** Flashcard for each wallchart is also included!

This resource can be used in a variety of ways. For example, each sheet can be used to make a colorful vowel book, individual student books or interactive journals, classroom wallcharts, alphabet posters, flashcards, games and so much more!

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