Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Differentiated Daily Literature Practice

What do we all need?  Time.  The goal of this resource is to help fill the needs of students at different ability levels and save time.  How this resource helps:

Below-Level Students
Research recommends that students are taught at their own reading levels.  The conflict comes when a teacher needs to teach the concepts at a student's academic level too. This resource does both.  Level 1A of the document includes core content area vocabulary that repeats across the days to help students fill in academic gaps.  Strategy use is emphasized to help students review reading strategies, it plus builds vocabulary to assist with comprehension. All of this is done while a student reads text and is level appropriate.  Students stay on track with their grade level concepts as they gain tools to fill in their academic gaps.

On-Level Students
Students are exposed to more complex sentence structures to help them grow as readers.  They refine their reading strategies as they practice closely reading text in quick and manageable daily doses.  This helps students keep literature skills sharp as they grow as readers.

Above-Level Students
Not only are the sentences even more complex at this level, students are exposed to ACT and SAT words.  As students practice closely reading text, they practice with resources that help them grow as readers. Each week is thematic.  This helps students learn about specific concepts in-depth and build academic vocabulary.  The daily practice enables students to review literary strategies and refine their skills.

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