Monday, October 6, 2014

Behind the Scenes with Literacy and Math Ideas

Many people ask me who writes Literacy and Math Ideas' stories and informational text passages.

The passages are created by Literacy and Math Ideas.   My academic background includes both education and writing.  My experience as a teacher really guides what I write and how I would like ideas to be presented. Often, the process of writing informational text begins with field work. 

This picture is from a visit to a tide pool.  I studied the creatures and plants that live there.  The image became part of my Daily Common Core Practice product.

Observing nature is important. This toad jumped right in front of me as I was walking around in my backyard one day.

Role playing events that occurred in the past is also helpful.  I love both science and history.  To better understand what daily life was like during the 1800s for the pioneers, I did many of the same tasks that they did such as washing clothes.  This role playing was done before a passage was written about the pioneers.

This is a picture of some sketches that I drew during a nature walk.  Keeping a sketch journal with you at all times is helpful. Observing, jotting down ideas, taking pictures, and sketching are all done during my prewriting stage. 

After many drafts and revisions, stories and informational text passages are born.

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