Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Grade 5 Common Core Task Card Bundle

It started out with math.  One group of students was working with me.  Another group was working in a small group with task cards. Then, it happened.  I noticed that  some of the students were doing the task cards, but they were being done all wrong.  The thought came to my mind.  SOMEBODY should make task cards that teach and review.  I thought this would make my life so much easier as a teacher.  Instead of hoping that this would one day happen, I began to create them for both reading and math.Click Here To Access Them

145 Topical Common Core Reading Task Cards That Cover 9 Different Standards for $10 as a Complete Bundle


  • It is like having an extra teacher in the classroom.  Each set of task cards comes with a printable box.  This helps with individualizing instruction.  A box can be placed in a center station or sent home with a student that needs extra review.

  • Each set of task cards teaches students how to reason and interpret information. Examples, modeled responses, and even more are included to help students deeply understand information.

  • Questions are written at multiple levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.  This helps students deeply understand text.

  • Each box of task cards provides topical Common Core review.  This makes differentiating instruction so much easier. Print out as many boxes that are needed for classroom review.  Students record their information on recording forms. Answer keys are also included.

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