Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tips for Understanding Word Problems

Of all of the math areas, word problems can be the trickiest.  I am back to share diagrams that have helpful reminders for students.  The end of the blog post has links to some of my math products.  These task cards are different because they teach students math concepts as well as provide practice.  Each one comes with a printable box to make them a convenient resource to place in a math center or send home with a student.

Word problems are often loaded with unimportant information.  Students should constantly refer to what is being asked in the question.  If information in a word problem is not helpful with solving the math problem, it should be crossed out.  Otherwise, this irrelevant information can be a distraction.

When students first learn a math concept, the use of manipulatives, charts, diagrams, or tables can be helpful with comprehending what is written in the problem. 

For this word problem, diagrams were drawn. Fraction word problems can be so abstract. The diagram makes it easier to understand what is meant by the fractions.

These meet the rigor of the new Common Core Standards.
The detailed explanations for each answer makes the Common Core Fraction Standards much easier to understand.

This helps students interpret word problems

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