Saturday, May 10, 2014

Differentiated Point of View Task Cards

If you have looked at the new Common Core Standards, then you already know that Common Core (RL.6 and RI.6) both want students to know some interesting things about point of view.  They must know more than first and third point of views.  At some grade levels, students must compare firsthand and secondhand accounts of information. They must also determine how a narrator's point of view affects how events are retold. This set of 36 task cards covers each of these Common Core requirements and more.Click Here To Access It.

The task cards are differentiated to cover the different point of view requirements across multiple grade levels.  They contain text dependent questions and also use wording from the Common Core Standards.  Since many students are still trying to understand the Common Core Standards, the task cards also teach and review.  Plus, the document comes with a printable box.  This is great to use as a point of view learning center.  Or, send home a box of self-teaching task cards with a student that needs extra practice.Click Here To Access It

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