Monday, April 14, 2014

Integrate Reading, Social Studies, Science, and Writing with a Fossil and Rock Dig

A fossil or rock dig is not only fun, but it is a great reason to get students to write.  Click here to access the free student writing form.

Each year, I set up a classroom dig with my students. All grade levels investigate fossils. I use rocks with just some grade levels.  When we do dig for rocks, we analyze rock features and classify them as sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous. 

How to Set Up A Classroom Dig
Materials Needed:
Rocks or Fossils
Paintbrushes (I purchase mine from any discount type of dollar store.)
Sand (or moon sand from Brookstone)
A bucket to hold the materials
A student recording form Click Here To Access It

This is a dinosaur fossil that I made using a mold and plaster of paris.

The students work in small groups to look for rocks and fossils.  Once they find something, they write about what they find.  I really enjoy seeing the students have fun doing this activity.  This gets them to use inference skills because students must use clues about what they have previously learned in order to explain what they have found.

After each student has taken a turn, each person must complete a written form.  This is a great way to include grammar and writing.

Since students are investigating rocks and/or fossils, this is also a great way to integrate science and stem.  This is a fun activity for introducing students to the Next Generation Science Standards.

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