Thursday, April 10, 2014

Analyzing Text Organization

Whether one's school has adopted Common Core or not, all teachers can agree that students should deepen their understanding about what they read.

This holds true for text structure as well.  As students begin to look at text at deeper levels, one of the first thing that they learn is organizational text structures.  Comparison and contrast, problem and solution, classification, sequence, and cause and effect are just a few of these formats.  After students get a firm understanding about these structures, it is important for them to understand how and why authors choose certain formats to convey their ideas. Common Core Standards RL.5 and RI.5 address.

Students can use sticky notes that are posted on chart paper to tell how text is organized. They can use a sticky note that is a different color to explain how this organizational format helps the author convey ideas.

I created this printable box of text structure playing cards to help my younger students learn about text structure without realizing they were learning.Click Here To Access Them

At fourth grade level, Common Core asks students to identify text structure.Click Here To Access It

At fifth grade level, Common Core wants students to compare text structures.  These task cards teach and review this skill.  It also comes with a printable box.Click Here

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