Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Strategies For Teaching Common Core Standard 3 (Informational Text): Cause and Effect

Hopefully you have had a fantastic day already!  This blog post is devoted to Common Core Standard RI.3 which deals with informational text. The main purpose of this standard is to help students understand causal reasoning. In other words, it means to look deeply at the causes of events and their effects.  

The social studies aspect of this standard involves using something called historical reasoning skills.  This means to think of events in history from the viewpoint of what life was like during that period, from the point of view of people living within that time frame, and to think about how one event in history caused another event to happen.(Tip #1 Provides an Example of This)

Helpful Tips for Teaching This Standard

TIP #1
Example:  This is a picture of two sad irons.  They were heated on coal stoves in order to iron clothes during the 1800s.  

Why was the discovery of electricity important?  
How did it affect the lives of people living during this time?  
The discovery of electricity made life easier for people.  During this time period, people used coal stoves for energy or even wood.  When electricity was discovered, it meant that no one had to purchase coal or chop down wood to iron their clothes.  Irons made after electricity was discovered could be connected to an outlet.  This would have saved time from chopping wood and would have gotten rid of the need to have coal.

Tip #2
The Common Core Standards encourages teaching topics in thematic units.  I have found that it really does make teaching the standards much easier.  

For Common Core resources, access a link below.

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