Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to Make Emergency Kits for Kids That Need Extra Practice

Emergency kits are a great desk buddy for kids that might forget reading strategies or steps in math.  If you have a student that might forget reading strategies, comprehension skills, how to multiply negative numbers, add three-digit numbers, etc., place an extra "how to" guide inside of a felt pocket and place it inside of a basket for students to grab as needed.  Follow Creativity on my Pinterest board for more unique teaching ideas. Click Here

Step One:  Get a 8 1/2 by 11 (or anything close to it) piece of felt.  

Step Two:  Fold the felt in half and stitch the edges.  

Step Three:  Stitch two places on the fold to create three pockets.  Use fabric glue instead of sewing if preferred.

Step Four:  Create a tag by tracing a large circle from a recycled paper bag and a smaller circle on card stock paper.  Attach the circles.

Step Five:  Punch a hole at the top of the tag and attach with twine.

Place each emergency kit inside of a basket.

Inside of the geometry kit are step-by-step flashcards and questions that provide practice and reinforcement with learning perimeter.  This is from my product called Flash Card It!  Perimeter Click Here
The flashcards teach students how to find the perimeter of a variety of shapes and have the answers attached.

This is what is inside of the punctuation rules kit.  It includes reminders and examples about when and how to punctuate.  This is a handy reference for the students that just cannot remember punctuation rules.

Although these are a few examples, kits can be made to go with any topic.  Instead of a student asking a teacher to repeat themselves after a lesson, this is an inviting way to encourage students to monitor their own understanding and review the lesson during independent practice.

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  1. Super cute idea...can you post a sample of what would go inside???

  2. I took a zillion pics but forgot to include the inside of the pockets! I just added them.

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