Monday, August 13, 2012

Common Core Graphic Organizers, Question Answering Frames, Progress Forms, and Wall Charts for Every Literature and Informational Text Standard

This extension menu provides a list of activities students can choose from for each standard

More Grade Levels!  As I get closer to the beginning of the school year, I am getting even more excited.  I have been planning so many exciting activities and have been getting my things organized for the Common Core Standards.

The document contains progress forms that list each Literature and Informational Text Standard.  This is a great tool for tracking student performance.

The graphic organizers are aligned to each standard.  They assist students in responding to each part of the Common Core Standard.

For every ELA Literature and Informational Text Standard, there is a graphic organizer that is aligned to each specific standard. This will make teaching so much easier.

There are also question answering frames. They help students remember all the parts of each standard.  This can assist students by providing them with ideas about how they could answer a question based from each Common Core standard.  Question answering frames are great for differentiating and scaffolding instruction.

Store everything inside of a file folder box or inside of a binder.

For more information about the complete 54+ page document, click a link below


  1. I see on the tool for tracking student performance for the standards you have a column that says "pretest." Can you tell me how you do a pretest for all of these standards if the kids are all reading their own books? Thanks!

  2. Within the document, there is a page that lists daily writing activities that a student could complete that are open-ended and are for each Literature and Informational Text Standard. Using any book or resource, these literature writing prompts can be helpful for pretesting students.

    Not included in this document are also Common Core task cards and rubrics which are very helpful. Since the task cards are open-ended and are for any book, they can be easily used to pretest students. There are also rubrics that can help. The listed criteria can be helpful with thinking of questions that could apply to any text.

    I hope this helps :)

  3. Have you created this document for second grade?

  4. This looks great! I just put one in my wishlist!

    ✿ Shari
    Keeping It Fresh in 6th Grade

  5. I would love this for second grade! Thanks!

    -Kelly Anne