Thursday, March 28, 2013

Strategies for Teaching Common Core Standard 9

Do you see that cat on the cover? I was inspired to draw it when I saw Common Core Standard 9 which asks students to compare and contrast (I am only joking!!!!).  This standard is an Archilles' heel for so many students.  It does not have to be.  The wording of the standard varies across grade levels but the pure intent is for students to compare and contrast.

The main objective is for students to stay far away from making surface-level comparisons.  These are basic comparisons that focus on attributes such as comparing how things look.

Both of the pets have ears.

Instead, students should make deeper level comparisons in which they compare by stating how two texts have the same theme, characters with similar traits, teach the same ideas, etc. As students state these deeper comparisons, they should provide textual evidence to defend their thinking (Standards RL.1 and RI.1).

Helpful Common Core Resources Organized By Grade Range

Intermediate Grade Levels
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Across Grade Levels
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