Monday, March 25, 2013

Integrating Technology With Notetaking

Integrating technology with education can make teaching and learning so much easier.  Adding a QR code to notes can add so much to student learning. 

I stumbled across these one day in a craft store and became fascinated with the fact that audio notes, videos, and well as text can be uploaded onto each code.  A package of two adhesive QR code stickers costs roughly $3.00.  Although I purchased these, QR codes can be downloaded from many websites for free.

It can be used with or without a cell phone.  Once the QR app is downloaded to a cell phone or Ipad, a student is ready to go.  After it is scanned with one of these devices, the extra "nugget" of notes, videos, or audio becomes available to a student.  If a student does not have an Ipad or cell phone, the person can visit a website where upon typing in the letter code that is also written on the QR sticker, they can retrieve the extra notes.  

The idea of being able to "scan" additional and optional notes is enough to pique the curiosity of some students.

I have already begun looking at ways to upload additional content to my notes for next school year.

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  1. I use QR codes all the time, but never though about using them for notes. Thanks for the suggestion, I am a new follower.