Saturday, September 15, 2012

Relive History with TpT Hard Goods

These historical replicas are a surefire way to make history come alive in your classroom!  These TpT brand new hard goods will be promptly mailed to you and include free shipping.  

For years, I have used props to teach history.  Students enjoy wearing bonnets as they pretend to travel West.  They get a kick out of holding money that looks the same as the money that was used during Colonial times.  The students feel like they are there at the Mayflower when they hold replicas of the Mayflower passenger list and Mayflower Compact.  The documents and money are printed on antiqued parchment.  They look and feel old.  Just in time for Thanksgiving and units about early America or Westward Expansion.

Click a link below for more information.
Click Here Pilgrim Hats, Mayflower Compact, and Mayflower Passenger List
Click Here Westward Expansion Bonnets, Dolls, and Raccoon Hats
Click Here Mayflower Passenger List and Mayflower Compact Replicas

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