Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Common Core Inference Computer-Based Practice

It has been said that necessity is the mother of all invention. As a teacher, I know this to be so true!  Informational text can be so tricky for students.  Inferring is definitely tricky too.  I was looking for online practice that does not require fancy gadgets to operate and that could keep score.  This software also needed to be all on one site and cover one topic at a time. It also had to be written at a level that below grade level third or fourth graders could use but still be about a relevant topic!  

This became so frustrating that I decided to make my own software!  Below is a link for a sample of this downloadable software for a temporary sampler price of $1.75.  Download it to as many of your classroom computers that you would like.  No sharing please.  The entire software will be released soon, and has so many features to make your life and my life sooooo much easier that it is top secret until it is released.  Use it as a guided reading station or for individualized practice.  Click Here to Access It

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