Monday, August 20, 2012

Fun Comprehension Games

School is back is session! It has been fun and exciting all in one.  If you are looking for fun and unique learning centers for your students, then look no further.

Main Idea Street

In this learning center, students learn about the main idea of of text by placing houses on the correct streets. This complete document includes two main idea learning centers and 12 task cards.  Click Here

Author's Purpose Snacks

Students determine the author's purpose of a text by placing potato chips into the correct bags.  Get the most correct potato chips in your bag to win! Click Here

Fact and Opinion Lunch

Fact only likes foods with facts on them.  Opinion only likes foods with opinions on them.  Students learn about fact and opinion by placing lunches into the correct lunch boxes.

Long Vowel Sound Reader's Theater, Literacy Centers, and 23 Worksheets
Teach students about vowel sounds with reader's theater, learning center games, and review sheets all in one place.  
Click Here

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