Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to Transform Dollar Store Toys Into Teaching Tools

Is it possible to walk into the Dollar Store and walk out empty handed?  More and more, I am believing that this is impossible.  This could actually be a very good thing!  I have still been on the case to find sneaky ways to make learning more fun.  My recent trip to the Dollar Store was a great inspiration.

This is the package of "slime" that is in the toy section.  

With a gentle hit on the back, the slime comes out in one piece leaving a very nice math test tube!  Yippee!  

Use them to teach multiplication and division.  Students are able to see the "groups" as they multiply and divide.

This is great for kinesthetic learners because they are able to "feel" the groups.
Add open-ended book discussion questions for small groups.  Each student must respond to the question in their test tube.

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