Thursday, March 29, 2012

Make Learning Center Bento Boxes!

Yes, bento boxes!  I love Japanese lunch bento boxes, and I also enjoy learning centers.  Hey, why not combine the two!  About 2 years ago, I stocked up on long plastic containers from Dollar Tree.  I have about 25 of them.  

Inside of each one, there are a variety of reading and math center activities.  Differentiate instruction by tailoring each bento box to individual student needs.  Make sure to attach a sheet to the inside of each plastic lid to explain each activity.  Students check out a complete box of activities during their learning center time.

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Perimeter, place value, and multiplication facts are reviewed in this bento box.  The flashcards teach and review perimeter.  For more information click the link Click Here: Perimeter Flashcards in my TpT Store

A travel-size Etch-A-Sketch is used for reading response.  The manipulatives are from an old game that I purchased from a resale store.  They are great for solving word problems.  Money is also reviewed in this center.  You can place a Hot Dots pen inside too if you add questions to this box.  The Hot Dots are self-checking.

Sometimes I place books on one topic inside of a box.  Students become experts on one topic before getting a new set of books added to their box.

A learning center bento box made for two!  A fishing pole has been added to this center.  Attached to each fish is a comprehension question.  Use paper clips to attach the fish.  Students "fish" for a question to answer.  Students use the numbers to create large numbers for writing or expanded notation.

This is one of my Common Core Task Card sets from my store.  Click the link for the previous  post about Common Core Task Cards.  Click HereStudents answer a task card question, practice fractions with the pizza blocks, and review decimals, percents, or fractions.  

In this box, students draw circles and work on radius and diameter. The literary device task cards review personification, similes, idioms, alliteration, and metaphors.  Students shake the letters to make large words.

Each learning center box is numbered.  Students sign-out a learning center.  The contents of each learning center box can be placed into a jumbo plastic bag if you want to rotate your centers.

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