Monday, April 23, 2012


Do you have students that read a book but just don't understand the central message or theme?   I really needed materials that provided enough practice with common themes across the grade levels. The small amount of information that I did find out there had nothing to do will themes that students really need to know.  Friendship, kindness and etc. are just not themes that are covered in stories in elementary school (and are really not themes covered in the Common Core suggested literature). I literally read hundreds of books (Really I did. I was that frustrated) to uncover the most common themes found in elementary school literature.   After several years of research and piece-by-piece, this document was born.

I am including a link to a free portion of this document.  It includes theme literacy center cards that can be used with any book or magazine.  Click Here

The link to the complete document is below.  The complete document is one of my top sellers. 
  • It is aligned to the Common Core Standards and Common Core Publisher Specification documents.  
  • It is differentiated to make guided reading instruction and differentiation soooo much easier (I am educator and truly understand the struggle).
  • Literature and Informational Text passages are both included RL.2, RI.2, plus Speaking and Listening Standard SL.3 are each covered.
  • The wording includes Common Core terminology such as theme, central idea, etc. to ensure that students get adequate practice with a variety of theme wording formats.
  • The document also includes theme wall charts.
  • A deck of Common Core flashcards are included if you just need a quick review.
  • Plus more!
  • Click Here to Access It



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