Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Common Core Rubrics for Every ELA Literature and Informational Text Standard

One of my personal goals is to coast through this transition to the Common Core Standards.  That is why I have developed Common Core Standards rubrics for every ELA Literature and Informational Text Standard.  These will be used in guided reading, to track individual student performance, to analyze student errors and will be placed inside of student portfolios.  Click on a link below for more information.

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  1. Yesterday, I purchased the Common Core Standards for Language Arts for both 4th & 5th grades. I chose these specifically because they are written in both the "I Can" phrasing as well as the traditional format.
    Initially, I viewed the 5th grade standards & was quite pleased. However, I just viewed the 4th grade standards that I downloaded & I am quite upset to discover that only the first standard, RL 4.1 is written in the "I Can" format. ALL OF THE REST ARE IN THE TRADITIONAL FORMAT. This is NOT why I purchased these.
    PLEASE SEND ME THE "I CAN" FORMAT for 4th grade for which I've already paid. You may contact me at