Sunday, January 8, 2012

Learning Centers Made from Household Items Part One

Rhyming Golf Course

Let's begin with a quick recap.  Last week, we began our journey  with the theme 'You Can Teach This By Using...".  We have so far investigated 3D worksheets from printer paper and learning center stations using clay.  Today we will create a tabletop golf course using a chopstick as a golf club.  We will also make a learning center from an empty Pringles container.  Visit throughout the week for more ideas.

Needed Materials

1 chopstick
1 piece of grey cardstock paper
1 sheet of blue paper
1 sheet of green paper
1 sheet of red paper
1 sheet of black paper
1 bamboo skewer or 1 toothpick with the sharp points cut off
1 foam cup
Wooden discs (Or small round foam pieces)
1 foam cup
Glue Stick

Standard 8 1/2" x 11" paper was used for this project. 
1.  Begin by wrapping one chopstick with black paper.  Glue and or tape it to fasten.
2.  Cut the grey paper into a wide letter "c" to make the end of the golf club and attach to the chopstick.
3.  Cut two circular pieces from the blue paper.  This will be the water for your golf course.

4.  Cut a foam cup to make it shorter and cover the top of the cup with red paper.  Then cut a "c" shaped hole on the side of the cup.
5.  Break the bamboo skewer in half and cut off the sharp edges for your flag.  Make a flag from red paper.  Glue the flag onto the stick.
6.  Write whatever you would like on the wooden or foam discs and flag. 

To Play:
 Slide the disc that matches what is written on the flag into the foam cup using the golf club. 

Empty Pringles Container

The second literacy center is made from an empty Pringles container that has been covered with printed paper.  Words were written onto clothespins for sorting.

Adapt these centers by sorting for fact and opinion, cause and effect, factors, types of angles, author's purpose, etc.


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