Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Informational Text that Students Love to Read AND Write

Should We Transform Informational Text?

I have a confession to make. I love to read informational text.  On any day, I will gladly cuddle up with a nonfiction book and a bowl of popcorn.  But, I do not represent most people.

If you have ever heard the proverbial sigh when you have said, "Class, take out your textbook" then you know where I am going with this.  Students swarm to the adventure section of the library bookshelves while the nonfiction rows of books remain ... well ... forgotten.

If there a way to change this?  The answer is yes!

Not Your Ordinary Informational Text
Last year, I asked my students to create graphic novels about a science topic they had learned during the year.  

The Rules

  • Select a topic.
  • Research the topic and take notes.
  • Create a fiction story that would teach a topic such as biomes, habitats, food chains, etc.

The Results

For a week, students independently researched topics of their choice and combined information from several sources to develop a baseline for their stories.  Fiction intersected with nonfiction and creativity when the students transformed the information into stories with characters.

Yes, this graphic novel was created by a student.  I did provide choices. Students were given the option to create a graphic novel or elaborate posters.

By the way, the interest in informational text did increase with my students.  

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Earth Science Interactive Notebook Escape Room:  Biomes

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