Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Research-Based Resources

Is your resource research-based?  This is a question that I enjoy answering.  

The answer is yes!  Literacy and Math Ideas' resources are developed using research about how students learn, retain information, and build vocabulary knowledge.

Plus...Literacy and Math Ideas goes into the wild (literally) to bring you authentic and high-interest reading passages.  With my camera and sketchbook in hand, I travel to the desert, forest, rain forest, ocean, and more to bring original reading passages.

Many of our passages cover specific themes or topics to help students gain deep knowledge and develop a wide vocabulary.
Daily Science Practice (Grade 5:  September Full Month) Daily Science Practice (Grade 4:  September Full Month)

High-Interest Nonfiction Passages (Middle School) 70 Nonfiction Leveled Passages (Plants) Guided Reading Levels A to N

Many of the passages contain interesting and unusual facts to build student interest in reading nonfiction.  This supports the research of Robert Marzano that encourages activities that build both background and vocabulary knowledge.  

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