Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Dolch Word Task Cards

 Sight Words
These nine passages contain common sight words to provide review.  Use these to review sight words in the context of reading passages.  This resource is great for Daily 5 and guided reading.

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To Access Sight Word Task Cards Too

These dolch sight word task cards are a great way to meet the needs of students and differentiate instruction. Even better, each set of task cards comes with a printable, easy-fold box for convenient storage.

Pictures make it easy for nonreaders and beginning readers
to practice their sight words.

Different levels are available to assist with differentiating instruction.

The visual pictures on the task cards are great for autistic students and developing readings.

Use the Task Cards For:
  • Daily 5 Instruction
  • Response to Intervention Support
  • Literacy Center Review
  • At Home Practice (Send home a printable box with a student that needs extra practice.)
Follow the link to access comprehension task cards that are organized by guided reading levels too!

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