Monday, October 17, 2016

Daily SAT Math Weeks 2 & 3 now available!!!

(Click on the underlined numbers to access to reading and math SAT practice.) When the week #1 of the  Daily SAT Math Practice was released, I wanted to get feedback on the problems as well as on the quality of the explanations in this resource. Well I have good news! The response was great! So now weeks 2 & 3 and now available for instant download!

Daily SAT Math Practice - Week 3: Systems of Equations

(Follow the link to access reading too!)

The problems featured in week #3 deal with systems of equations at a much deeper level. You see, on the SAT exam your students are not going to find the usual simple textbook-style system of equations problems. Instead they will find problems that test for meaning, interpretation, and understanding. And that's exactly what this new resource is targeting and addressing. For example, if your students are unable to determine whether a system of equations is “dependent”, “independent”, or “inconsistent”, then this product is a must-have resource to help bridge the gap.
On top of that, there is a detailed solution guide for each problem included to help with further understanding the solution to each problem. The wrong answer choices also have explanations to tell why they are the wrong choices. Remember, SAT carefully create questions and answer choices that measure if a person truly understands a concept at a deep level or if they simply just have incomplete surface knowledge.

Also check out week #2!!

Daily SAT Math Practice - Week 2: Absolute Values

Similarly, week #2 features absolute values. And this product underscores the point that students must know waaaaay more than just the basic meaning of absolute value. As another example, if your students are unable to show the relationship between absolute value and inequalities, then this product is a must-have resource to help bridge this important gap.

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