Thursday, June 23, 2016

High-Interest Nonfiction Middle School Passages

eighth grade ela and seventh grade ela worksheets
High-interest worksheets for eighth grade ela and seventh grade ela

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If you are looking for a way to get your middle school students interested in nonfiction, these worksheets will definitely help.  This document includes four high-interest nonfiction texts.  Students will learn unusual, but true, facts as they practice their close reading and comprehension skills.

Quick Eighth Grade ELA and Seventh Grade ELA Practice

Four original nonfiction texts, written response prompts, comprehension questions, and an answer key are all included.  Each nonfiction text can be completed in two or three class periods. 

Lesson Plan (Option 1)
Day 1:  Closely read the selection.  Take notes or highlight information.
Day 2:  Reread the selection and answer the written response question.
Day 3:  Answer the comprehension questions.  Discuss them together.

Lesson Plan (Option 2)
Day 1:  Closely read the selection.  Take notes or highlight information.  Answer the comprehension questions.
Day 2:  Reread the selectin and answer the written response question.

A Detailed Answer Key Is Included

High-Interest and Nonfiction
The texts are not only high-interest, but they relate to topics that students will read in science and social studies.  Eighth grade ELA and seventh grade ELA topics are included to integrate reading instruction with other subjects.

What was it really like at hospitals 200 years ago?  What are the unusual abilities of plants? 

Your students will enjoy finding out the answers to these questions as they practice closely reading text and interpreting information.

Leveled Practice
The lexile level and grade equivalent has been provided for each practice.  This makes it easier to plan lessons and create individualized educational plans for students and classes of varying levels.

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Casey F.

Dawn O.
I haven't used these yet, but I teach 6th grade, and I think that my students will enjoy them.

Paul S.
This was so interesting for my students

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