Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Math Topic Tuesday: Help Students Master Percents With Math Running Records

There are some things that are used at the lower grade levels that I wish were widely available at the upper grade levels.  One of them is running records.  A running record is an assessment that is used to analyze student reading errors.  This enables a teacher to get the the root of a reading problem to solve it.
Math Running Records for Percents
I developed some running records for use with percents.  I was concerned about my students not only mastering the basics but also being able to solve word problems and problems that could possibly stump them on state assessments.  The even greater goal was to ensure that a solid math foundation is built before they enter high school and take the ACT test.
Students can complete the forms themselves, then students can walk through the results together as an entire class. Doing things this way will help students better know their strengths and weaknesses in math.

I love this because it has helped me target my instruction and individualized student review.

Each math problem gets progressively more challenging.  This enables me to determine if a student has a computation error, can translate word problems into words, or if a student has a shallow understanding of percents but needs more practice with word problems.

Review is very individualized.  Each student focuses on the practice that best fits his or her needs. 

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Percents Exit Slips

Percents Task Cards (Guided Math Level 1)

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