Thursday, February 5, 2015

Guided Math (Addition and Subtraction Word Problems Bundle)

There are a ton of resources for guided reading, but there are very few guided math resources.  My goal was to change this and create systematic resources that students can use to build math understanding.  

Do you know the main reason why word problems are so hard for students?  It is because there are so many subcategories. There are more than five ways to organize a subtraction problem.  Just because a student can solve a word problem that is organized one way, it is not guaranteed that this same student can solve another word problem. This resource can help. 

These task cards contain some of the most common formats for addition and subtraction word problems.  As students build skills and gain confidence, they can move on to the next level.  Each level gets progressively harder to help students learn how to master word problems at their own individual level. 

The document comes with:
- a printable storage box for each level
(place a box in a math center, or send a box home with a student that needs extra practice).

-an answer recording form 
(Students can keep track of their answers)

-a student progress sheet
(Easily monitor student performance and progress.  This is a great tool for RTI (Response to Intervention), Common Core, and test prep.

-answer keys

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