Sunday, January 4, 2015

Common Core Decimal Practice Task Card Bundle

Have you ever wished there were task cards that taught and reviewed math topics.  I created these Common Core task cards to make it much easier for students to work independently.  It is like having an personal math tutor for each student.  The task cards use diagrams, step-by-step directions, illustrations, and examples to help students understand decimal concepts and build mathematical reasoning skills.

Printable boxes, student recording forms, and answer keys are also included.  Questions are posed at different complexity levels.  This makes it perfect for state assessments and Common Core preparation.  Place a box of task cards in a math center station.  Give a box to a group of students for small group review.  Send home a box with a student that needs extra practice.  The task cards make it so much easier to differentiate instruction and provide personalized math review.  The click to access the task cards.

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