Friday, November 14, 2014

Free Daily Common Core Math Practice

Happy Friday to everyone.  I am back with a math freebie.  I just released a sample of my Daily Common Core Math Practice.  Many people that have used Daily Common Core Reading have asked when I will release a math version.  A free sample version of the math version has just been released.    The entire bundles will be released very soon.

This resource poses math questions at different levels of Bloom's Taxonomy and DOK levels plus it contains carefully crafted questions to help students understand each Common Core Standard inside out.  This is VERY IMPORTANT.  If you have seen the Common Core Standards samples and have awakened after you have passed out from seeing them, you can tell that they look very different from the released samples from previous state assessments.  Common Core is really trying to get students to go beyond memorizing procedures.  They want students to really understand math concepts.  

(Try this sample at a variety of grade levels to review concepts or challenge students.  More daily practice will be released across the grade levels.)

This free resource is unique because the problems help students understand math concepts inside out.  They consider the common errors that students commonly make in math to help alleviate these errors. Math problems are posed in a variety of ways to help students have a FLEXIBLE understanding of math.  Questions gradually build in complexity and provide systematic practice in just a few minutes a day.  It also includes critical thinking skills practice that directly connects to math.  Click Here To Access It

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