Monday, November 17, 2014

Close Reading Literature Passages Task Cards

(Just released) These task cards are unique because they enable students to practice closely reading text during their literacy center or small group time.  A special answer key is included that shows the key details that should be highlighted in the text. It contains text annotations to explain the significance of each detail, plus the document contains a full written response answer for each question. Students gain practice doing exactly what is expected of them during reading instruction and during assessments.  These task cards are designed to make reading instruction, the transition to Common Core, and general test assessment review much easier.

The questions go beyond the surface level and are posed at different levels of Bloom's Taxonomy to help students truly understand what they read.  

Students can use dry erase markers to highlight directly on the task card as well as write their annotations.  Literature topics include:  character traits, figurative language, plot, theme, and character motive.  Each task card has a different short passage. The original passages as written using the same techniques as award authors to give students authentic practice.

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