Friday, October 24, 2014

Integrating Art

This is a picture from a recent artist reception that I attended.

Color is powerful.  Utilizing art together with reading and math produces powerful results.

This picture is a sample of my close reading task cards.

Even if you are a true Picasso, there are several ways to incorporate art and color in daily lessons.(Art skills are not required). When students closely read text, they highlight information that they find important, have a question about, or want to clarify. The brightly colored lines serve as a visual cue to remind students to defend their answers and think about their own thinking (metacognition).

Highlighting text is just a small step when it relates to adding color or integrating something "art related" into lessons.  Colorful, detailed notes are an even farther step.  This is an example from a math notebook that I am using with students.  Each student keeps their own notebook.

Visual representations, diagrams, and colored blocks are used throughout the journal to represent what we are learning in math. Students not only take written notes, they also draw what the math concepts means to them. This is has been a powerful tool for my students.  The lower, middle, and upper grade level students that I work with all respond positively to this.


  1. Color is a powerful learning tool...and perhaps the most undervalued! Thank you for sharing! ~Shelly
    Promoting Success Blog

  2. Thank you Shelly for the feedback. It really helps students organize their thoughts as well as information.