Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dry Erase Close Reading Task Cards Informational Text

Close reading practice has made its way to task cards. These task cards enable students to do a close reading directly on the task cards. Students can highlight, underline, or circle the text details that help them determine their answer.  The blank lines on each task card enables students to explain their ideas too. For more information, Click Here

The task cards are differentiated so that students can reinforce close reading skills at their own reading levels.  A detailed answer key shows the text clues that students should have identified in the text.  The task cards can be easily added to a literacy center station to reinforce reading strategies.

The colorful pictures support the informational text passage that is on each card.  Students learn about social studies and science topics as they practice supporting their answers.  A fully annotated answer key has been included that both shows the important details that should be identified in the text and has the written explanation on the blank lines.

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  1. Great idea to make these task cards usable with dry erase!

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