Friday, September 12, 2014

Note Taking in Math

I want to give full disclosure.  Yes, I am a math person.  I am a person that absolutely loves math.  What hurts my heart is when I hear a student state that he or she is not "a math person".  Or that his or her family is "just not good at math".  

This blog post is dedicated to the student that just does not "get" math.  I want to say that they should not give up.  Using visual diagrams, illustrating the meaning of different math concepts, and understanding topical vocabulary will definitely help. These are pics of the math notes that were taken by students during my recent math lessons about fractions.  I wanted to share them with everyone.

We began by looking at vocabulary words that are related to fractions.  This is an important first step.

Students love to use different colors.  The different color schemes help them organize their ideas.

We looked at the big ideas that are related to fractions.  It is so important that students not only know how to solve a math problem, they should also know what concepts mean as well.
We used Venn diagrams to compare and contrast information.  Providing an example and a non-example is sooo helpful for students.

We also learned the math formulas that can be used to determine equivalent fractions. We also learned how to add fractions that have different denominators.

To access some of my different interactive journals Click Here

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