Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Common Core Writing

The abilities of students within one classroom can definitely range.  Some students are ready to write an award winning novel while others struggle to write two words. I created a differentiated Common Core aligned writing document to use with my students. These help students at different levels practice writing skills in a meaningful way.  Click Here To Access It

I have been so far teaching students how to write opinion/persuasive essays.

The students have been learning how to support their ideas with relevant and strong text support.  After getting a firm understanding of how to write effective body paragraphs, we began to practice writing our leads (grabbers) for introductory paragraphs.To Access This File Click Here

*Writing Strong Introductory Paragraphs
*Including Details That Show Rather Than Tell
*Different Types of Text Details And When To Use Them
*Transition Words And Phrases
*Character Traits
*Capitalization And Punctuation
*Creating Strong Body Paragraphs
*Writing Clear Conclusions
*How To Write Dialogue
*Descriptive Words To Use While Writing

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