Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Middle School Science Fiction Close Reading and Comprehension

I truly enjoy both reading and writing YA fiction.  It was my love for YA fiction that inspired me to write this short science fiction tale.  I really enjoy the look on the middle school students' faces that I work with when they really get into a story.  It is priceless to see a student really enjoy and understand what they read.  This story, Scars and Sorters, was set in a futuristic world because students really enjoy high-action plots.  It contains the same literary devices and themes of literature, but it is set in an utopian science fiction world to draw readers into the story.  It contains close reading writing, comprehension questions, and a character analysis graphic organizer.  This is great as Common Core Literature practice and as a resource to extend literature lessons.

Plot Synopsis
This story is set in a world where humans are no longer allowed to exist.  Learn with the main character what happens when someone breaks the rules of society.  Below is a story excerpt.Click Here To Access The Story


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  2. It contain the same abstract gadgets and subjects of writing, yet it is situated in an utopian science fiction world to draw perusers into the story. It holds close perusing written work, perception inquiries, and a character investigation realistic coordinator. This is extraordinary as Common Core Literature rehearse and as an asset to expand writing lessons.
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